Enjoy all previous posts about NIKITA, but there will not be any new ones. Unfortunately, our show is over and it's time to move on. I might start a new blog about another series. If so, I'm gonna let you know. Read my final words below (just scroll down a bit).


Maggie Q joins "Stalker" by Kevin Williamson

Maggie Q just has been announced as the female lead in the upcoming miniseries "Red Flag", but now has as well been cast in a yet to be titled CBS pilot by Kevin Williamson. Q will star as the female lead next to Dylan McDermott (American Horror Story: Murder House, American Horror Story: Asylum, Hostages). Written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Liz Friedlander, the psychological thriller revolves around Beth (Q) and Jack (McDermott), two detectives, who handle stalking incidents for the Threat Assessment Unit of the LAPD. Detective Beth Davis is the opinionated and obsessive, workaholic division captain of LAPD's Threat Assessment Unit who also narrates the story. It's still to be decided if the pilot will go to series.

UPDATE: Maggie Q's new show titled "Stalker" has been picked up to series and will premiere this Fall on CBS!

Source: Deadline


Season 4 available on DVD and Blu-Ray on May 20, 2014

The fourth and final season of "Nikita" ended with the series finale on December 27, 2013. A few days ago, Warner Home Video officially announced "Nikita: The Complete Fourth and Final Season" on DVD and Blu-Ray via press release. Both titles will be released on April 22, 2014 May 20, 2014 (UPDATE)! The date was officially pushed back by Warner Bros! The box-set will include all six episodes of season 4. Unfortunately there will be no bonus features. The artwork below will cover the fronts of both titles.

Extra information: There are rumors about a Complete Series release of "Nikita". But nothing has been announced yet, but I'll watch out for any news.


Maggie Q joins "Red Flag"

Action heroine Maggie Q garnered her second lead role in a television show. After the end of "Nikita" last year, Maggie Q will portray Ching Shih as the female lead in an upcoming limited series titled "Red Flag". The series centers around Ching Shih, a Chinese prostitute who will eventually become one of the most terrifying and powerful pirates and head of the most successful crime syndicate in China. Maggie Q says about her role: "It's exciting to have the opportunity to share Ching Shih's real-life story with audiences that are both familiar and unfamiliar with her prominent history." Yet the series has no television home in the US, but is currently being offered to different channels.


Some final words...

I decided to let pass a couple of days before trying to write a message which could include everything I want to tell the world about NIKITA. And now the time has come that I feel ready to write these (sort of) final words down and publish them here...

Let's start with the facts: NIKITA concluded its series run on December 27, 2013. After premiering in the Fall of 2010 (September 9) on The CW, the show had a run over 4 season with a total of 73 episodes. Although it was a critics' favorite for its entire season run (Primetime Emmy Award nominations and more), ratings began to fall rapidly with the show's move to Friday nights although it was a ratings hit (by The CW standards) during its first season run. As you all know are ratings always a very important factor for television shows which air on network television. The finale of season 2 was therefore written as a potential series finale if the show should have been axed after its second season because of the ratings problem. But The CW surprised us! NIKITA did NOT get canceled and received a full season 3 order (22 episodes) instead. Ratings (unfortunately) didn't get better but NIKITA almost was guaranteed a fourth season renewal because of syndication purposes. Well, NIKITA eventually got a renewal for a fourth season but which only was supposed to consist of six episodes and simultaneously should function as the show's final season. Netflix supported The CW with the final season to give the show the opportunity to wrap up and give the fans closure. Also a concluded series is more valuable for a streaming internet platform as Netflix. The final season was kind of burned off on The CW's death slot (Friday, @ 9/8c) and aired its final episode during the winter holidays. That's the network and ratings history of NIKITA.

Now, what is left to say? It's been a few days since the series finale (as already mentioned) and thus I personally can say that I actually AM satisfied. The writers of NIKITA (Craig Silverstein, Albert Kim, Carlos Coto and Co.) did an incredible job wrapping up all loose ends of the show within only six episodes! It was one hell of a final season! And we fans were allowed to finish this journey with all questions answered.  All endings within the show are perfect in their own way. This includes the main characters, villains and all background stories. Yeah, I admit that NIKITA was a loser ratings-wise but definitely not if it comes to creativity and quality! NIKITA started with high quality standards and held these till the end. For me, there are no exceptions. There wasn't one single episodes which I completely categorized as a filler episode or whatever you want to call it. We always just got the best! Great acting, writing, action, stunts, romance, sci-fi and much more.

And this is the time to say


for almost four years of fantastic television! We never were disappointed. Our heroes (Maggie Q, Shane
West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Noah Bean, Devon Sawa, Lyndie Greenwood and Melinda Clarke) delivered outstanding performances and the writers surprised us with twists and turns again and again! And I - in my opinion - am more than grateful! I am so happy to have been a part of the whole NIKITA world!

The sad news (apart from the fact that our show is really over) at the end: My work on this blog is thus basically over. There won't be that many posts as there once were during the season runs of NIKITA because this blog is primary dedicated to the television show. That means that post will (unfortunately) become a rarity. But don't worry, there will actually be posts in the future. This includes upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases (definitely season 4 and possibly a full series release?) and upcoming projects of the cast. And maybe even more but I can't say yet what this is going to be. Thank you to my small readership who hopefully enjoyed reading this blog, watching clips of upcoming episodes or checking out everything that belongs to a television show like NIKITA!

These were the final words, NIKITA agents (as NIKITA fans prefer to call themselves)! NIKITA will continue to live in our hearts! Because it has a legacy. And we will never forget it! And who knows? Although it seems unlikely at the moment but maybe there'll be a movie someday? Or another season? You can never know what's gonna happen.

With best regards,


P.S.: I also want to say thank you to the actors and actresses who were once part of the main cast of NIKITA but had to leave the show because of the death of their characters. This goes to Ashton Holmes (Season 1), Tiffany Hines (season 1), Xander Berkeley (season 2), Dillon Casey (season 3) and Noah Bean (season 4). Well, the latter did actually appear in all episodes of the final season so you might argue about adding him to this list. I just wanted to pay tribute to all the ones we lost.